Ten Doves Charity is pleased to announce that it has raised US $10,000.00 for Japan Relief.

Stacy Lynne, Exec. Director of Ten Doves said “The need is great and urgent. Based on our experience and research, we proudly forwarded these funds to Save the Children for their on-the-ground relief efforts in Japan.”

Jane Baker, Manager – Foundations & Trusts, Save The Children said “We have a team in Sendai, Japan one of the worst affected areas, establishing an operation base to help to help the most vulnerable children and families. We know that people rely on Ten Doves to make wise decisions with their donations and we are proud to work with them.”

Mrs. Hofstadter added, “This contribution will help, but it is a very modest amount compared to the long-term need. It will take years for Japan to rebuild. Funds continue to come in for Japan Relief, and we believe that our donors receive a blessing for their gracious gifts.”

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