Hello Stacy and Ten Doves’ supporters!

I have been in parts of Leyte from December 4-6. We did not go to Tacloban anymore since the relief operation is centralized there. Other parts of Leyte are not being given that much attention as Tacloban is since it was badly hit compared to others, but it does not mean that other places should be neglected. The electricity are not yet fully recovered but it is getting fixed.

Citizens in parts with no electricity yet, is already home before the sunlight goes for the fear of becoming victims of crimes in there. Some people are just walking on the street because they have no home to return to and does not want to stay on the cramped refugee centers. The children are definitely pitiful since their schools were destroyed and some of them lost their parents in the typhoon. They were very happy with the relief goods since they are not that easy to come.

Crime rates are decreasing according to the government but the victims are not very confident with it and advised us to be careful. Thankfully we followed the instruction to leave our valuables at home. It would have been great if pictures were taken but I am hoping that the situation will be better when the next batch of volunteers are ready to go so they can take pictures for us. Transportation there is not so great and the reservation of C-130 air transportation is really difficult to get. Land transportation is coming from other nearby provinces but you can see the long lines of people waiting for their turn to ride.

We saw Volunteers of varied nationality there and was very thankful that others has taken the time to help and again I would like to thank you for the donation. It is a great addition to the relief goods that are badly needed. We have brought them rations of clean water and the government has advised them while we are there to boil their water before consumption since 50% of the water samples were tested to be positive with harmful bacteria.

No amount of relief goods will take away the suffering they are subjected to but at least we were able to help them and saw what really happened. They never expected the damage that will hit them since Philippines is already used to typhoons. Places near the bodies of water said that they have thought that the strong winds that are carrying huge amount of sea water are what they call “Tsunami”.

Reconstruction of some places are being done but it will take time to restore them. People will need to find ways to live on their own and not relying on the relief goods. Fishermen are asking for boats for fishing and farmers for seeds to plant on the fields. I just hope that the government assistance will be extended because I have been hearing in the news that they will end before Christmas. We were badly hit but we are on the way to recovery.

The trip was long and tiring but it was worth it. I will not be going back there anytime soon but will just do what I can in here. There are different organization that needs help in repacking the goods to be sent there. I am just mad about the news of my countrymen selling the relief goods from other countries. It is a shame for those who are doing everything they can to help the victims of the Typhoon.

I hope everything is fine with you and your families.

Best regards,