Ten Doves Mission Update

The Ten Doves Board of Directors is pleased to announce a significant update to our Mission. We are concerned about the real and growing global battle for the minds and souls of people through the Internet. While the web is amoral, people are not.  And despite its massive scale, we are boldly committing our resources to do everything that we can to help clean up the Internet.

On January 25, 2017, the Office of the Secretary of State of Texas certified our Certificate of Amendment to our articles of organization. As stated in Article 5, “Ten Doves advocates Internet safety and decency (“Mission”). To accomplish its Mission, it acquires, edits, creates, removes, manages and promotes as many websites, apps, social pages, newsletters, software programs, and publications as possible, in as many categories, industries and sectors as possible, to reduce the amount of obscene, lewd, filthy, illegal, false, unhealthy, offensive, threatening, usurious, cyberbullying, cyberstalking, adult & gambling oriented, malware, spyware, and unsecure content and advertising available online, and to increase the amount of charitable, religious, educational, literary, scientific, informational, helpful, inspirational, healthy, community & family oriented, child safe, and secure content and advertising available online (“Activities”).”

The amendment also changed our registered agent to InCorp Services, Inc., Austin, Texas.

Educational Self-Help Publications targeting Impoverished Areas

Ten Doves is pleased to announce an exciting new way we are helping people in need.  We are publishing health and finance oriented publications meant to provide exceptional original information, globally, instantly, and at a lower cost than otherwise available.

For example, we published “How to Treat Blepharitis and Live Symptom Free” written by Doctor S. Banerji as a “single source” study on this terrible health problem affecting millions of people globally.  “Blepharitis” refers to inflammation and infection of the eyelids, eyelid margins, eye lashes, and meibomian glands. It occurs when grime leads to bacteria in the eyelids.  There is no cure and it can be difficult to treat. Most patients get good advice from their doctors but little information to take home, and most information on the Internet is incomplete and not written by a doctor. That is not enough.  We partnered with Dr. Banerji to bring this 22 page guide to people in need.  With the miracle of the Internet, when people worldwide perform a Google Search on the term “Blepharitis” they will see a listing for this helpful guide, and they can obtain it with instant download for a cost that is less than available elsewhere. This is particularly helpful for people in rural and impoverished areas of the world.

We are creating new content for more health topics such as certain mental health issues, neurological disorders, and other chronic problems that tend to appear globally that have no cure, but can be managed with expert information and guidance.  Based on requests from the public, we are also developing certain guides to help people improve their careers, finances, and means of acquiring education and information online that can better their lives.


PRAYHoUSe welcomes Marnille Umawing to our staff as Prayer Writer.

PRAYHoUSe welcomes Marnille Umawing to our staff as Prayer & Educational Article Writer.

Marnille is a teacher, tutor, and writer with 10 years experience. She has been contributing thoughtful prayers for PRAYHoUSe for the past year and will also be researching and writing articles on biblical topics, and other educational self-help topics.

Many readers have commented how much they appreciate that she incorporates personal experiences and meaningful life lessons into her writing.

Welcome aboard Marnille, we are blessed to have you!

PRAYHoUSe's photo.

Sermon Toolbox

We are excited to announce that Ten Doves has acquired the The Sermon Toolbox for its PRAYHoUSe community. It is an all-in-one App helpful in composing sermons or bible study lessons. You can find it by searching for “Sermon Toolbox by Ten Doves” in Itunes or click here…http://apple.co/1jDOFUs It is available for $2.99 instant download with no ads. We know preparing sermons and bible studies is hard work and takes time, and we hope this helps. Please tell others about this App! Blessings, Stacy L, Ten Doves

Sermon Toolbox icon
Read more: http://www.prayh.com/2015/10/sermon-toolbox.html#ixzz3nRumbOqv

What is this?

This is the Ten Doves Charity Blog.  Most of the daily activity happens at Prayh.com and PRAYHoUSe Community Facebook Pages and Members area, and with other Sites & Apps, but you can read about major announcements & activities from the Charity itself here.

PRAYHoUSe acquired by Ten Doves

PRAYHoUSe was co-founded by brothers Chika Nwaogu and Chidi Nwaou in 2013. In June of that year Chika felt the urge to help thousands of Christians around the world pray according to God’s Will (1 John 5:14). His aim is to simply help many have confidence in approaching God that He may hear us all and give us all that we ask for as long as we ask it according to His will. He knew that praying according to God’s will means praying Scripture verses, and that was when the idea of PRAYHoUSe was born; a single prayer directory that houses thousands of prayers from the Scriptures, which are in alignment with God’s Will that He may hear us each time we go to Him in prayer.

Chika is a computer programmer. Before PRAYHoUSe, he has been involved in a number of social network startups, including MTV’s TagWorld, in which he re-designed the entire network from scratch, and took it mobile. His brother Chidi co-wrote the HTML, CSS, and JS codes that gave rise to this fast growing prayer directory. Chidi is also a computer programmer, and by degree, he is a physicist, but by love, he daily writes numerous prayers and has posted them here. The founders listed and sold PRAYHoUSe through popular auction site Flippa to focus on their new Facebook-based Christian social network Joining Jesus, with about 2,000 Facebook registered users, which was just launched in February.

Ten Doves Charity is a Texas based Christian non-profit organization. It operates and publishes various websites and publications to help others in need and help lead people to Christ. Stacy Lynne, Executive Director of Ten Doves said “We were very pleased to place the winning bid for this extraordinary website. With 180,000 active facebook and website visitors each month, it will form the core of our online prayer publication and community. It will also enable us to connect loyal visitors of many of our other non-prayer oriented sites to His Word. We are very pleased with what Chidi and Chika have built and they have been professional and quite helpful during the transition period.”

For more information, visit prayh.com or tendoves.org.

Lorette Philippines Relief Photos

Here are the photos of the receipt and the relief goods I bought using the money from Ten Doves.


945785_787372157956193_1073995226_n (1)


Lorette from Philippines

Hello Stacy and Ten Doves’ supporters!

I have been in parts of Leyte from December 4-6. We did not go to Tacloban anymore since the relief operation is centralized there. Other parts of Leyte are not being given that much attention as Tacloban is since it was badly hit compared to others, but it does not mean that other places should be neglected. The electricity are not yet fully recovered but it is getting fixed.

Citizens in parts with no electricity yet, is already home before the sunlight goes for the fear of becoming victims of crimes in there. Some people are just walking on the street because they have no home to return to and does not want to stay on the cramped refugee centers. The children are definitely pitiful since their schools were destroyed and some of them lost their parents in the typhoon. They were very happy with the relief goods since they are not that easy to come.

Crime rates are decreasing according to the government but the victims are not very confident with it and advised us to be careful. Thankfully we followed the instruction to leave our valuables at home. It would have been great if pictures were taken but I am hoping that the situation will be better when the next batch of volunteers are ready to go so they can take pictures for us. Transportation there is not so great and the reservation of C-130 air transportation is really difficult to get. Land transportation is coming from other nearby provinces but you can see the long lines of people waiting for their turn to ride.

We saw Volunteers of varied nationality there and was very thankful that others has taken the time to help and again I would like to thank you for the donation. It is a great addition to the relief goods that are badly needed. We have brought them rations of clean water and the government has advised them while we are there to boil their water before consumption since 50% of the water samples were tested to be positive with harmful bacteria.

No amount of relief goods will take away the suffering they are subjected to but at least we were able to help them and saw what really happened. They never expected the damage that will hit them since Philippines is already used to typhoons. Places near the bodies of water said that they have thought that the strong winds that are carrying huge amount of sea water are what they call “Tsunami”.

Reconstruction of some places are being done but it will take time to restore them. People will need to find ways to live on their own and not relying on the relief goods. Fishermen are asking for boats for fishing and farmers for seeds to plant on the fields. I just hope that the government assistance will be extended because I have been hearing in the news that they will end before Christmas. We were badly hit but we are on the way to recovery.

The trip was long and tiring but it was worth it. I will not be going back there anytime soon but will just do what I can in here. There are different organization that needs help in repacking the goods to be sent there. I am just mad about the news of my countrymen selling the relief goods from other countries. It is a shame for those who are doing everything they can to help the victims of the Typhoon.

I hope everything is fine with you and your families.

Best regards,

Lorette helps with Philippine typhoon disaster relief.

Lorette’s report from the Philippine typhoons disaster relief:
We will leave on the night of Dec 3 and will return on December 6. I will not be able to check the e-mails from Dec 4-6 since electricity and internet will definitely be down on those places. I was able to buy the relief goods last November 25. We were able to buy rice grains, can goods, toothpaste, Milo, soap, and others. I will be sending the pictures of the receipt, purchase and repacking of the goods after all the repacking is done. And again thank you for the money, we were able to buy additional goods.
All the best,

Special donation in the memory of George Tornaghi

In memory of George Tornaghi and others lost on 9/11, loved ones made a special donation through Ten Doves of $1,000 to the First Responders program of TuesdaysChildren.org. It provides educational programs and counseling for 9/11 rescue and recovery workers and their families.

$10,000 tornado relief for Oklahoma

On behalf of its gracious donors, Ten Doves transmitted $10,000 to the Ozarks Food Harvest charity for their on-the-ground tornado relief efforts.

Tornado benefit in Tulsa, OK

On Sunday June 26, 2011, the Tulsa rock and roll community came together for a fundraiser to help tornado victims in Joplin, MO.  The benefit was held at Cimarron Bar located at 2619 S. Memorial Drive Tulsa, OK 74129. Six bands played including Under The Gun, Rock Show, Tiranico, Lock-17, WTF, & Laid Back Manor. The benefit was promoted by Tulsa resident Jennifer Reid who coordinated with Ten Doves, and raised over $2,300 for tornado relief. Way to go Jennifer and the people of Tulsa!

$10,000 for Joplin relief

Ten Doves Charity is humbled to have raised $10,000 for Joplin Tornado Relief. Many thanks to our gracious givers that contributed. These funds were transmitted to our partner charity Convoy of Hope based in Missouri. Convoy of Hope operates a fleet of tractor/trailers picking up donated goods, food items, and sundries for emergency relief.

Animal relief in Japan

Gracious donors contributed special donations earmarked for animal relief in Japan. People around the world watching the relief efforts unfold don’t often think about animal rescue, but if you watch closely to many TV reports, you will see dogs, cats and other domestic animals running loose in the rubble.  Ten Doves located JEARS which stands for Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support. JEARS is made up of three animal relief organizations located in Japan. On behalf of its donors, Ten Doves transmitted $1,000 to JEARS on April 25, 2011.

Singer/Songwriter commemorates “Tragedy” song to Ten Doves

tragedy cover

Many thanks go out to Danie Ferrusi, a musician from upstate New York. She has commemorated her original song “Tragedy” to Ten Doves for its Japan Relief efforts. You can click the left button on the media bar below to hear this moving song. Danie’s home page is http://www.danieferrusi.net/

600 shoes for Joplin tornado relief

Bravo to Hardcore Athletic shoe company based in Perryville, Missouri! They contacted Ten Doves with a generous offer to donate 600 pairs of new athletic shoes for tornado relief. Using our relationships, we connected them with Convoy of Hope, a charity that operates a fleet of tractor trailers also based in Missouri.  Convoy of Hope scheduled to pick up the shoes and deliver them as soon as possible to help those in need.  Many thanks to both these wonderful organizations1

Ten Doves Contributes $11,000 to World Vision for Japan Relief

Ten Doves Charity, based in McKinney, TX, contributed $11,000.00 today to World Vision earmarked for on-the-ground relief efforts in Japan.

Stacy Lynne, Exec. Director of Ten Doves said “Our gracious givers wanted to help in a specific way, providing funds for on-the-ground relief in Japan. World Vision quickly mobilized people, food and supplies to the hardest hit areas. It will take years for Japan to recover, and we are proud to partner with them.”

“We are pleased that Ten Doves committed these funds to our relief efforts in Japan. World Vision is assisting approximately 30,000 people in the Miyagi Prefecture distributing relief items and running Child Friendly Spaces, giving children a sense of structure and normalcy during this traumatic time.” Angela Appleton, Director, World Vision.

School in Richardson, TX makes 82 “get well” cards for children in Japan.

Eighty­ two children from the Canyon Creek Elementary School in Richardson, TX made get well cards for children in Japan. Ten Doves forwarded to children in Japan to read and enjoy.

Baby Ella Fund

Ten Doves, a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization proudly announces the launch of its Baby Ella Education Fund for handicapped children in need. The fund was named for Ella Hollingsworth, a baby girl who was born with deformed arms, hands and one leg. Her father Mark’s story, in his own words, is below.

“In October of 2009 we found out that we were expecting a baby, and with much excitement went to our first sonogram where bad news quickly changed us forever. At first we thought there was an issue with her leg being a little short. Then it progressed to a twisted foot and upon further looking we discovered her right arm had not formed fully and her left had no fingers. Our hearts were on the floor at this point and our hope dim. There was the option given of not continuing with the pregnancy but our love of the Lord and life would never allow such a thing. We began a long journey of prayer and fasting for this little one that was to come. We got the word out as soon as we could with our blog (http://www.hollingsworthnewbaby.blogspot.com). We could not believe the response we receive from people all over the country and world responding in prayer for this little girl who had not even been born yet.

Ella Shalom was born in June of 2010, her name means torch or bright light of peace and wholeness. She is every bit her name. Her final medical condition after birth is this, her right arm goes just past where an elbow is supposed to be and that entire arm is one fused bone all the way to the end with no hand at all. Her left arm goes down to what should be a hand but as it formed it has only two deformed fingers. One finger has some partial function to it but the other does not. Her left leg is perfect in every way. Her right leg is the one that is of most importance. There are two bones in the lower portion of a leg the tibia and the fibula. She only has a fibula and the tibia did not finish growing. In addition she has only one bone in her foot where the ankle should form.

Three days after her birth we had her at the specialists and were given even worse news then all of this put together. The best way to give her a chance to run and play like other children was to amputate her leg just below the knee and give her a prosthetic. Can you imagine a mother and fathers heart after being told they have to remove their baby girls foot? We have been to 2nd, 3rd, and 4th opinions but they are for the most part agree. She will be looking at several surgeries and they want to do this procedure as early as 9 to 12 months. This year seems like it will be even harder than the last. The medical bills are already mounting and this puts us in a difficult place.

Our other 4 daughters need as much love and attention as possible. They all have a love of dance and we have many dress up ballet nights at our house to spend time together. My middle daughter loves art and the little ones have fun being read books and tumbling around doing summer somersaults. We know that this year will be filled with being in and out of hospitals with surgeries and therapies. Their education is important to us but we know that as a homeschool family we cannot handle all of these aspects of our lives at once without a little help in this season of our lives.

We have been so blessed this year, and thanks to Ten Doves Charity, we have been able to send Jaedyn to a 4 day program to give her a great head start on her education. It has allowed us the ability to go to doctors appointments, have Ella in therapy, and give my wife a small opportunity to teach the two older ones in between all the other business of life. We would like to give our other girls the same ability. There are many homeschool driven educational schools around that would give us the added help we need. Our family is strong in the Lord and we know that He will provide to us what we need. He will gives us encouragement and love to make it through because He chose us and bless us with the special gift of Ella Shalom.
Stacy Lynne, Co-Founder and Director of Ten Doves said “Education develops character and is the doorway to a child’s future. Many children in difficult situations simply don’t have access. We connect gracious givers with wonderful kids in need.” David Boston, board advisor and volunteer with Ten Doves added “Our mission is simple, but not easy. To provide educational scholarships to disadvantaged children in need. We were blessed to find Ella and to be in position to help.”

Teach your children to choose the right path, and when they are older, they will remain upon it. -Proverbs 22:6

About Ten Doves
Ten Doves, a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization, is based in Mckinney, TX. It provides educational scholarships and basic school supplies to children in need. Most of our kids have medical issues, are living in poverty, or have lost a parent killed while serving the military, police and fire department. For young children, we help their family or caregiver wrap them in love with pre-school classes, tutoring, and basic school supplies. For older children, we fund after-school programs, tutoring, college tuition, books, and supplies. We value balanced curriculum including reading, writing and math, science and technology, history and the arts. Ten Doves is GuideStar® Partner in Trust. We believe in high ethics, efficiency, and making every dollar stretch a long way.

Ten Doves, a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization
Stacy Lynne, Director
Phone: 469-217-1000
Email: stacyh@tendoves(dot)org
Web: https://www.tendoves.org


Ten Doves Charity is pleased to announce that it has raised US $10,000 for Japan Relief.

Ten Doves Charity is pleased to announce that it has raised US $10,000.00 for Japan Relief.

Stacy Lynne, Exec. Director of Ten Doves said “The need is great and urgent. Based on our experience and research, we proudly forwarded these funds to Save the Children for their on-the-ground relief efforts in Japan.”

Jane Baker, Manager – Foundations & Trusts, Save The Children said “We have a team in Sendai, Japan one of the worst affected areas, establishing an operation base to help to help the most vulnerable children and families. We know that people rely on Ten Doves to make wise decisions with their donations and we are proud to work with them.”

Mrs. Hofstadter added, “This contribution will help, but it is a very modest amount compared to the long-term need. It will take years for Japan to rebuild. Funds continue to come in for Japan Relief, and we believe that our donors receive a blessing for their gracious gifts.”

# # #