Monthly Archives: February 2017

Ten Doves Mission Update

The Ten Doves Board of Directors is pleased to announce a significant update to our Mission. We are concerned about the real and growing global battle for the minds and souls of people through the Internet. While the web is amoral, people are not.  And despite its massive scale, we are boldly committing our resources to do everything that we can to help clean up the Internet.

On January 25, 2017, the Office of the Secretary of State of Texas certified our Certificate of Amendment to our articles of organization. As stated in Article 5, “Ten Doves advocates Internet safety and decency (“Mission”). To accomplish its Mission, it acquires, edits, creates, removes, manages and promotes as many websites, apps, social pages, newsletters, software programs, and publications as possible, in as many categories, industries and sectors as possible, to reduce the amount of obscene, lewd, filthy, illegal, false, unhealthy, offensive, threatening, usurious, cyberbullying, cyberstalking, adult & gambling oriented, malware, spyware, and unsecure content and advertising available online, and to increase the amount of charitable, religious, educational, literary, scientific, informational, helpful, inspirational, healthy, community & family oriented, child safe, and secure content and advertising available online (“Activities”).”

The amendment also changed our registered agent to InCorp Services, Inc., Austin, Texas.