Educational Self-Help Publications targeting Impoverished Areas

Ten Doves is pleased to announce an exciting new way we are helping people in need.  We are publishing health and finance oriented publications meant to provide exceptional original information, globally, instantly, and at a lower cost than otherwise available.

For example, we published “How to Treat Blepharitis and Live Symptom Free” written by Doctor S. Banerji as a “single source” study on this terrible health problem affecting millions of people globally.  “Blepharitis” refers to inflammation and infection of the eyelids, eyelid margins, eye lashes, and meibomian glands. It occurs when grime leads to bacteria in the eyelids.  There is no cure and it can be difficult to treat. Most patients get good advice from their doctors but little information to take home, and most information on the Internet is incomplete and not written by a doctor. That is not enough.  We partnered with Dr. Banerji to bring this 22 page guide to people in need.  With the miracle of the Internet, when people worldwide perform a Google Search on the term “Blepharitis” they will see a listing for this helpful guide, and they can obtain it with instant download for a cost that is less than available elsewhere. This is particularly helpful for people in rural and impoverished areas of the world.

We are creating new content for more health topics such as certain mental health issues, neurological disorders, and other chronic problems that tend to appear globally that have no cure, but can be managed with expert information and guidance.  Based on requests from the public, we are also developing certain guides to help people improve their careers, finances, and means of acquiring education and information online that can better their lives.