Ten Doves is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed in 2008 based in Frisco, Texas. Our early fundraisers were for Baby Ella, a wonderful girl born with limb defects, and for the Japan and Oklahoma/Missouri natural disasters in 2011 focused on children’s emergency relief.

In 2014 we expanded our mission. We believe that faith, work, and health form the foundation for happiness. We MANAGE the PRAYHoUSe Prayer & Support Community, PUBLISH Sites, Newsletters & Ebooks helping people get good entry level jobs, and SHARE doctor written ebooks dealing with chronic health issues, found particularly in impoverished areas worldwide.  We leverage our experts and the Internet to help educate people worldwide, with a growing focus on people in impoverished areas.  We touch over 500,000 people globally each year.

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Quotes from donors, partner charities, and people we have helped.

  • We are pleased that Ten Doves committed these funds to our relief efforts in Japan.
    Angela Appleton
    - Director, World Vision
  • "We have a team in Sendai, Japan one of the worst affected areas, establishing an operation base to help to help the most vulnerable children and families. We know that people rely on Ten Doves to make wise decisions with their donations and we are proud to work with them."
    Jane Baker, Manager
    - Foundations & Trusts, Save The Children
  • Bravo to Hardcore Athletic shoe company based in Perryville, Missouri! They contacted Ten Doves with a generous offer to donate 600 pairs of new athletic shoes for tornado relief...
    Hardcore Athletic Shoe Company
  • Thank you for the booklet on Blepharitis. I read it and found it most helpful - actually it was well presented and the information is second to none. Thanks once again and many blessings to you and Ten Doves.
    Christine Bergman
    - Melbourne, Australia
  • When I found this group, there weren't even 50 members yet. And I was delighted to be in the company of a good Christian group where people are diligent in doing GOD's good work and spreading the good news. . . .
    Sis Berenice - PRAYHoUSe Moderator
    - South Africa